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Attendance and Lateness Regulations for Students

Study the following rules carefully. Note these important regulations.

ABSENCE FROM SCHOOL: On the day you return to school after an absence, you must present to your SUBJECT teachers an absence note or a medical certificate. It must contain the following information:

a. Your full name and official section.
b. Specific dates of absence. .
c. Reason for absence. Notes for illness must show specific ailment.
d. Signature of parent or doctor.
e. The note must be dated.

Have your subject teachers sign it. Then return the note to the attendance office who will record it. This must be done within (1) week of your absence. LATE ABSENCE NOTES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. It is your responsibility.

For the first five days of absence, either consecutive or individual days of absence, A NOTE OF EXPLANATION FOR ABSENCE FROM HOME WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Absences not explained by a valid note or medical certificate brought in immediately upon your return to school may contribute to failure in subjects you take.

LATENESS TO SCHOOL: Students are expected to be in their subject classes and in their official rooms before the late bell rings.

If you miss any period because of unexcused lateness, you will be reported CUTTING the subject classes missed. Three (3) cateresses equal one cut. FULL PERIOD LATENESS EQUALS A CUT. EXCESSIVE LATENESS WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION.

EARLY EXCUSE: You must not leave school before the end of your school day without an official excuse. To be excused, you must bring a written request signed by your parent. Take your parent's request directly to the Attendance Office, room l19 where you parent will be called and you will be issued an Early Excuse Pass.

Should you become ill during the school day, ask your teacher for a pass to the infirmary. The person in charge of the infirmary will take your temperature and. if necessary, send you to Attendance Office for an Early Excuse Pass. NO STUDENT MAY BE SENT HOME UNLESS HE/SHE IS ACCOMPANIED BY PARENT OR OLDER RELATIVE. This precaution is taken for your safety.

REMEMBER: Good work in school requires good attendance. Excessive absence or lateness may result in

a. Failure in your subject
b. Removal from squad, team or other activities
c. Unfavorable comments on your permanent record

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