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Schoolwide Grading Policy

I. New Utrecht High School issues report cards three times during each semester or six times in a school year. The first marking period each semester utilizes letter grades while the second and third use numerical grades. Letter grades include:

Numerical grades range from 1-100. Grades above 70 can be issued on a one point basis.
Numerical grades include:

90 - 100 Excellent
80 - 89 Good
70 - 79 Satisfactory
65 Just Passing
50 - 60 Failing
11 Never Reported
9 Medically excused absence from required Phys. Ed. (credit granted)
7 Medically excused absence (No credit granted)
2 Non-English speak.
1 New Admission (No credit granted)

II. Academic and Honor Courses: Honor Academy classes will be followed by the letter ''H''.
III. Factors in Evaluating Pupil Performance: Pupil performance is evaluated by consideration of the following factors:
1. Examinations - Unit tests, short quizzes, verbal examinations 40 - 60%
2. Homework 10 - 30%
3. Classwork 10 - 20%
Other Criteria - special projects, reports, progress attained, laboratory reports in Science: 5 - 20%

Grades are cumulative for each semester's work.

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