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Rights and Responsibilities of High School Students

I. Student Government
In each high school there will be an elected and representative student government with elected offices open to all students. At New Utrecht we have the City of New Utrecht with Mayor, City Council person, City Comptroller and Secretary. .

II. Consultative Council
A parent-student faculty consultative council, established by previous City Board of Education resolutions, shall meet with principal no less that once a month to discuss matters of concern to the high school.

III. Other Rights of Students
Rights shall not be abridged because of race, ethnic background, color, religious persuasion, age or sex. Rights are reciprocal. They must be exercised with responsibility. They are also limited by law.

IV Student Responsibilities
Rights entail responsibilities. One of the major goals of this school is to establish trust based on the human values of self-respect and respect for others. No student has the right to interfere with the education of other students. lf dialogue is interrupted or destroyed, the bonds that hold us together are broken. It is thus the responsibility of each student to respect the rights of all who are involved in the, educational process, thus ensuring their own rights as students and as people.

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