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School Discipline

Being a student at New Utrecht High School means that you have every opportunity to be educated by a staff of competent and concerned teachers. However, it also means that you have certain responsibilities. The following is a list of rules and regulations that apply to ALL STUDENTS.

A. New Utrecht High School Rules:

l . Students must carry program cards and be prepared to IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AT ALL TIMES.
2. No student has a free period. Students are accountable to some place every period.
3. Cutting is NOT ALLOWED. Cutting may cause failure in subject classes.
4. Lateness to class is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Excessive lateness may cause failure in subject classes.
5. No students are allowed to ride the elevator without a special elevator pass
6. Smoking is NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE in the building.
7. Students may not leave the building without permission. Students with lunch must be in the lunchroom. Students are allowed in the lunchroom only one period per day if they have lunch on their program card.
8. Carrying radios, headphones or weaning hats is NOT ALLOWED.
9. Carrying magic markers is prohibited. Defacing the building is NOT ALLOWED.
10. Vandalism - destroying or mutilating any school property is NOT ALLOWED.
12. Any action in or around the building, which is disruptive of the school program, WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.
13. NO WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED. (Laser Beams are considered weapons.) Possession will result in automatic Superintendent's Suspension and/or expulsion from school.
14. No Beepers or cell phones are permitted in school. They will be confiscated.
l5. Any action, including fighting, which is a threat to the health, safety, welfare (including proper school attire)/or property of any individual, WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

B. Violations of school rules will be promptly and firmly dealt with through the following:

1. Letter to parents
2. Phone calls to parents
3. Parent interviews
4. Pre-suspense hearing with student and parent
5. Suspension
6. Issuing of Youth Division cards by police
7. Arrest by police in the case of a serious offense
8. In-school Suspension
9. Superintendent's Suspension
10. Expulsion from school

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