Student Web Sites

Web Design Technology - Mrs. McKeever
Course Code: TWD1 and TWD2
This course is for students who have expressed an interest in learning how to design, create and maintain a Web site. Students will gain the knowledge necessary to harness the Internet and develop an effective means of communicating with the Web site's audience. This course will examine, design, and create Web sites for business and personal use. The art and science of developing an effective and appealing site will be discussed throughout the courses. Click any of the links below to view student examples

The Mark of Excellence
(a Virtual Enterprise student collaboration)

Young Talent (Web 2) (Web 2)

Body Jewelry (Web 2)

Nerddy Sells Hot, Hot, Hot Men
(Web 2)

Passion For Soccer (Web 2) 

Circles Restaurant (Web 2)

Musical Muffs (Web 2)

In-Shop-Albania (Web 2) 

Laura's Jewelry (Web 2)

Classie Sassie (Web 2)

Complex (Web 2)

Rock N' Roll, Inc. (Web 1) (Web 1)

BBoy Fanatic (Web 1)

Movie Owl (Web 1)

Teen World (Web 1)

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