Important Phone Numbers


Maureen A. Goldfarb Principal 120
Irene Orlando Secretary 124
Joanne Yacono         Secretary 121
Mitchel Kubiak Asst. Principal of Organization 150
Antoinette Carnevali Secretary 155

Aldo Iemma Asst. Principal, Pupil Personnel Services 178
Joanne Vinci Secretary 177
Anna Mineo Parent Coordinator Cell: 347-563-4661
Keith Matone Assistant Principal of Security 365
Pauline Carmelo Payroll 135
Ms. Liane Seff Payroll 160
Ellen Levine Supply Secretary 171


Pupil Personnel Services
Assistant Principal Pupil Personnel
Aldo Iemma Ext. 178
GuidanceCounselors A. Belisario  Ext. 196

D. Colavito Ext. 149

A. DiLorenzo Ext. 187

M. Dlugozima Ext. 188

G. Forte Ext. 176

D. Hendler Ext. 186

Y. Lin     Ext. 183

L. Lisena Ext. 195

D. Murillo  Ext. 185

J.  Scala Ext. 184


Ext. 189

C.Trani Ext. 194

M.Collela Ext. 305

Social Workers A. Batista  Ext. 194

L. St. John Ext. 597
  F. Vlacich Ext. 589
Speech K. Gibilaro (Sp.Ed) Ext. 375
Mary Cusack
College & Career Office A. Magrino Ext. 160

Coordinator of Student Affairs (COSA) D. Tisman Ext. 585


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