Extracurricular Activities

Our gifted and talented students have the option of being involved in many extracurricular activities. These include:
  • ARISTA - Academic Honor Society
  • ARCHON - Service Honor Society
  • BUILDER'S CLUB - the intermediate school Kiwanis
  • CHAMPS - intermediate school intramural teams which practice and compete after school hours. (Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball)
After-School Program Activities:
  • ELA TEST PREP COURSE - prepares students for the NYS ELA exam, provides students with additional practice in writing exercises, reading comprehension skills,  and homework help.
  • MATH TEST PREP COURSE - prepares students for the NYS ELA exam, provides students with Math skills practice and homework help.
  • CHESS - students learn the strategies needed to excel at the game of chess.
  • SET DESIGN - students learn basic set design techniques and create sets for drama performances, music concerts, etc.
  • TALENT SHOW - students from every talent area who love to sing, dance, act, etc. are invited to showcase their talent in an annual Talent Show performance in May. 
  • CHEERLEADING - students perform at school assemblies, sports games, parades, and other community functions.
  • JAZZ BAND - interested students must have experience playing a percussion, woodwind, or brass instrument.
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