Bay Academy School Policies

In order to maintain excellence at the Bay Academy, we would like to remind parents/guardians and students of the following:


Lateness: The school day begins at 7:40 am.All students must arrive to school by this time. Lateness affects your child’s progress in the subject matter. Lateness is also considered when applying for high schools. The school policy is as follows: after a student is late toschool (3) times, s/he receives (3) periods of lunch detention.

Homework Assignments: Homework is assigned approximately (3) times per week in each subject area. The HW rubric is on a 5-point scale and is posted on our website, The Homework lateness policy for all classes is as follows: if a child submits a HW assignment late, then the homework grade is reduced by (1) level for each week it is late. For example, if a child submits a HW (2) weeks late, then the maximum score that the child may receive is a score of (2). HW assignments will not be accepted (1) month after the original assignment is due. Please see below.

(1) week late: maximum score is 3.

(2) weeks late: maximum score is2.

(3) weeks late: maximum score is1.

Dress Code: Proper school attire is required at all times. School is a serious place of learning and business. Students are expected to come to school dressed appropriately in clean and neat attire.

Unacceptable attire includes but is not limited to: Tank tops, halter tops, see-through shirts, short shorts, mini skirts, shoes with heels or platforms, or "flip flops" that make walking on staircases dangerous, pajama pants, pajama shirts, or slippers. 


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