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The History of PS100

    PS100 #1 was built in the heart of Coney Island in 1923-1924 in an era when it was fashionable to go to the Brighton Theatre, or to spend one's summer at the Shelbourne Hotel, or to have fun at Dreamland Park.
    It was a one story building with the classrooms on street level. It accomodated the children of families who remained through the winter months. School records go back as far as 1909.
    As time progressed, more and more families became permanent residents. The need for more school space was required. PS100 #2 (now PS370) was built. When this became inadequate to house all the children, PS100 #3 (present building) came into being.
    The neighborhood architecture consisted of converted summer bungalows, newly built apartment houses and two family homes.
    At its height (1925), PS100 used two brick buildings plus a barracks-type building divided into classrooms. They were heated by little pot-bellied stoves. In the middle of a lesson, the teacher would take time out to put a shovel-full of coal into the stove. The toilets were in the yard. You can be sure that very few children asked to leave the room in the wintertime.
    A population decrease in the area changed building #2 (PS370) from an elementary school to an evening center. Art, Business, Sewing, Music and Dancing courses were taught. Youth Organizations held meetings there.
    Nothing had been done to imporve the neighborhood. It bacame an area of old broken down houses. Something drastic had to be done and so eventually it was. The entire area was leveled. In the interim, the children of the Luna Park Development used the services of the school until their own building was completed (PS90).
    Today, PS100, once the tallest building in the area is now dwarfed by the surrounding giants of Trump Village.
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