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     In our ongoing efforts to have all of our students reach their potential, we provide many programs for academic achievement and enrichment. These may be in-school or after-school programs. We identify the needs of our students and direct services (Funded Reading, Funded Math, At Risk Monitoring, etc.) to bring our students up in levels on standardized reading and math exams. Additionally, we enrich our high performing students with services in an after school prigram to help them reach new heights. This assists them in maintaining and growing in levels 3 and 4.
     We believe students should be well-rounded with exposure to the arts and music. This is evidenced by our consultant based programs in puppetry, ceramics and dance, for example. This year we have added an artist residency in ballroom and hip-hop dance.
     School-wide efforts to encourage creativity and enrichment utilize our Magnet Program in Media Arts and Communication. We publish a student driven newspaper, The Centurion, now in its second year. There are many opportunities for dramatic performances, student as author's presentations and creative projects including our morning announcements as part of W-M-A-C Radio 100. Every morning students report on different topics such as the weather, famous birthdays, important dates in history, sports news and the week in review.
     This spring we plan to initiate a "Club Hour" to have teachers share their hobbies and interests  with students to provide children with an exposure to new creative opportunities.
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