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School Accessibility
Accessibility Status: No Accessibility

For additional information please contact the custodian or the school.

Office of Program Accessibility
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Additional Data Provided by: P.S. 209 Margaret Mead
Building Condition and Assessment Survey
Primary Building P.S. 209 - BROOKLYN, 2609 EAST 7 STREET
Architectural  Electrical  Mechanical
Secondary Buildings
  Architectural Electrical Mechanical
 Building Condition and Assessment Survey (BCAS) Ratings Key
Data Provided by: School Construction Authority
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Principal Annual Space Survey
Data Provided by: School Construction Authority
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Department of Health Report
All violations are addressed under supervision of SchoolFood Service Manager
DateViolation CodeExplanation
11/14/201410FWalls, ceilings and their attached fixtures not properly constructed or maintained in that wall observed with peeling paint next to handwash sink in lockers room. NYCHC 81.17( e) (2)
11/14/201410FNon-food contact surface(s) or non food contact equipment not properly maintained in that metal in front of radiator observed with peeling paint in kitchen . NYCHC 81.17 (e ) (3)
Data Provided by: Department of Health / Office of Food and Nutrition Services
Data Refresh: Nightly
Capacity and Utilization Report
Property of P.S. 209 Margaret Mead
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