Mrs. Rosanne Malone 

2nd Floor- Room 263

Why is it important to have a school nurses on premises?


          The School Nurse functions as the health care professional in the school environment. The School Nurse uses the nursing process to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate the health needs of students. The Nurse is responsible for case identification and for promoting an optimal level of wellness for all students. The School Nurse reviews new admission examinations, maintains students’ health records, identifies medical problems, and implements follow-up of student referrals. The Nurse provides direct health services for the students, enables students with chronic health conditions to attend school, responds to critical incidents on school property and delivers First Aid. The Nurse collaborates with school personnel to discuss specific student health problems, alert school staff to the potential risks of students with specific health issues and reinforces recommendations provided by health providers. The School Nurse collaborates with parents and health and health care providers to initiate Medication Administration Forms for students with chronic diagnosis that require medication during school day. The Nurse implements communicable-disease control procedures, informing and advising administration and/or parents regarding school exclusion and readmission. The Nurse provides ongoing health education programs to students, parent/guardian and school staff. The School Nurse promotes a healthy school environment and provides leadership for the provision of health services.

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