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Mission Statement

Mark Twain I.S. 239 is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in achievement in a climate of integrity, positive human relations, and respect for our society.

Vision Statement

We envision our school as a community of life-long learners where all members, students, staff, and parents are actively engaged in the educational process. Staff and parents are focused on empowering all students with the academic skills and rich civic, social, and arts experiences that will enable them to further their educational goals and become active, responsible, and positively contributing members of society. Students will develop important decision-making, critical thinking, and technological skills, and the ability to communicate effectively. All members of our school community will share accountability for creating a positive, supportive, and nurturing environment, and for achieving successful student outcomes through high quality, standards-based instruction.

Extracurricular Activities

This school's non-academic activities included: Kiwanis, dance, drama and vocal clubs; a tennis team; photography; orchestra; band; video; and school intramurals.

Our Community

We had 10 partnerships, including: American Heart Association, Brooklyn Arts Council, Kiwanis, Young Audiences New York, and Coney Island Reach - Out.

School Overview

    Mark Twain Intermediate School for the Gifted & Talented is organized into mini-schools, or clusters, of four classes with a team of teachers assigned to each cluster. Clusters are scheduled for conference periods to facilitate interdisciplinary planning. The clusters are assigned periods for tutoring, enrichment and thematic development. Large and small group instruction can be arranged with little difficulty. Clusters can be regrouped as needed. 
    All students study a foreign language - French, Italian or Spanish. Every child is also involved in the in-depth study of a talent area. All classes are co-educational, including physical education, technology, and home and career skills. No bells are rung during the day for passing, yet classes change smoothly and efficiently. 
    Among our numerous noteworthy achievements is the very favorable success record regarding acceptances to specialized high schools. Last year, for example, nearly 90 youngsters received acceptance to Stuyvesant High School. The city-wide reading and math scores have resulted in our school being listed on the Internet as number four in New York State. Children are admitted to the school on the basis of application only and must meet minimum standards that ultimately include an identifiable ability or potential in one of the following talent areas:
  • Art
  • Athletics
  • Computer / Mathematics
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Science
  • Strings
  • Theater
  • Visual Media
  • Vocal
  • Winds

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