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Our Mission

The academic program for The High School of Sports Management (HSSM) will accommodate the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of high school students. Our vision is to provide students with a dynamic learning environment where respect is mutual, ideas are shared, and learning is not limited to the classroom. The school will be a safe and nurturing environment where learning will take place in the classroom, the community and through internship opportunities.

Through sports and sports-related fields, such as marketing, management, law, medicine, journalism and broadcasting, HSSM will provide students with experiential learning opportunities. Professionals in the fields mentioned above have collaborated with the staff of HSSM to create the school’s curriculum. Sports agents, attorneys, doctors, writers, broadcasters and athletes, themselves, will be teachers and mentors to the students.

Our concept of a successful school is one built collaboratively and owned by its staff, students, parents, community members, and our partner community-based organizations. We intend to prepare students for higher education, as well as to create professional opportunities for each one of our graduates. 

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Coney Island

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