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12 Non-Negotiable Rules

12 Non-Negotiable Rules
Attend school daily and come on time. There is late detention.
Leave all outer clothing in your locker.
Move quickly from class to class. Enter the room quietly, take your assigned seat, and begin work immediately. No bathroom passes during the first 10minutes or last 10 minutes of a period.
Be prepared to work every day. Bring a large loose leaf notebook, assignment notebook, pens, pencils and whatever equipment is required for learning.
Do homework nightly. There is homework detention and homework help after-school.
Eat only in the cafeteria. Gum chewing and candy are prohibited even in the cafeteria.
Do not bring cards, radios, walkman, games, beepers, cellular phones, laser pens and/or any other items not related to academic instruction. They will be confiscated.
Keep your desk area clean.
Do not engage in physical or verbal violence. Learn to disagree without being disagreeable. Do not Fight.
Respect the building. Do not graffiti or deface any part of the building.
Show respect to any visitor or adult in the building.
Wear the uniform daily. Hats are not worn in the building.
Young Woman White button down blouse (must be tucked in), black skirt/slacks and closed in black shoes. No bathroom changing of clothing allowed-you must enter and exit in school attire. NO LOGOS. NO LARGE JEWELRY.
Young Men: White button down shirt (must be tucked in), black slacks, belt, solid tie (optional), and black shoes. You must enter and exit in school attire. NO LOGOS. NO LARGE JEWELRY.
Gym: Mandatory uniform for Physical Education
1. Conference with involved teacher.
2. Conference with the Assistant Principal, counselor or Principal.
3. Conference with parent/guardian.
4. Principal Suspension.
5. Superintendent Suspension.
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