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Welcome To The Murrow/Department of Education School Portal

This is one of two websites with information about Murrow High School.

In conjunction with The New York City Department of Education's Division of Instructional and Information Technology, this School Portal offers a wealth of information about our school and the New York City Department of Education which we hope you will find it to be a valuable resource.

Visit the “About Us” section to view detailed statistics about our school including our Annual School Report Card, weekly attendance data, student enrollment, school budget and more.

We invite you to visit the Murrow school site, which has information about the specifics of current activities at Murrow, teacher pages and other information.  That site can be found at the school's own website, http://www.ermurrowhs.org.  

Check back with us frequently at both sites to see the latest news about our community and to learn about upcoming activities.  As always, we value your feedback.  Please use the feedback form on our Contact Us page to send us your comments and suggestions.