Important Dates to Remember:

Dec. 2:
5th Grade Middle School 
                Applications due!

Dec. 4: Theater Workshop #3
              Time: 2:30 -4:30 PM
               Place: Gym

Dec. 10: School Leadership 
               Team Meeting
               Time: 2:30 PM
                Place: Library

Dec. 11: Theater Workshop #4
                Time: 2:30 PM
                Place: Gym

Dec. 12: Theater Workshop
               Time: 2:30 - 4:30 PM
               Place: Auditorium

Dec. 17: PTA Meeting
               Time: 2:30 PM
               Place: Auditorium

Dec. 18:  Winter Gala
              "Winter Dreams"
               Time: 6:30 PM
               Place: Auditorium

Dec. 23: "Polar Express"
                 Pajama Day!

Dec. 24 - Jan. 5: Holiday 
          All Schools are Closed!

School Re-Opens
on Monday, January 5th!

ELA and Math Workshops
       Parents Only
Please check with your Child's Teacher
for Dates and times!

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