Important Dates to Remember: 

May 6: Last Day to Submit a
             Middle School Appeal

                       PTA Meeting
                       Time: 2:20 PM
                       Place: Auditorium
                    PTA Elections will be held!           

 May 10: Mother's Day
                We wish all Mother's 
                a very Happy and Love
                         filled Day!   
  May 13: SLT Meeting
                Time: 2:20 P.M.
                Place: Library

            Parent - Teacher Conferences
             Time: 4:30 - 7:30 PM

May 21: "Shake, Rattle and Roll"
                  Spring Gala
                  Time: 6:30 PM
                  Place: Auditorium                

May 22: Professional Development Day
                            for Teachers
                   No School for Students                  

May 25: Memorial Day
               All Schools are Closed!   
May 26: Game Night
                Time: 5:30 -7:00 PM
                Place: Cafeteria

Important Days in June:

June 5: Carnival - Lower Grades
June 9: Clerical Half Day (1/2 day of school)
June 12: Field Day - Upper Grades
June 15: Clerical Half Day (1/2 Day of School)
June 18: Pre -K Graduation
June 23: 5th Grade Graduation
June 24: Kindergarten Graduation
June 26: Last Day of School
                       Half Day               

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