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P.S. 217's 5th Grade Spelling Bee Champs!


Each year, P.S. 217 holds an annual 5th grade spelling bee to determine which youngsters will represent the school at the regional event. The classroom teachers choose two top spellers to participate. The students are coached for several weeks by Mrs. Auerbach, the school librarian, after which a school wide bee is held in the auditorium for parents and 4th and 5th graders to attend. This year’s winners made us proud at the Regional Bee, competing against 5th-8th graders in mid-January.

The school winners were:

Jamie Aktar, First place

UmitNaz Deryaoglu, Second place

Aaliya Qureshi, Third place

Jamie made it all the way to the fourth round at the Regionals; way to go, Jamie!

Below is a list of all of our 5th grade spelling champs:

2008 Spelling Bee Participants

Anesa Shabbir
UmitNaz Deryaoglu

Ilyas Hussain
Aaliya Qureshi

Jamie Aktar
Zain Iftikhar

Fatima Amjad
Marvin Henrius

Umar Akhtar
Jhoni Graham

Raja Sundil
Savon Earle

Abigail Jean-Francois
Hamza Khilji


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