Extracurricular Activities


Extracurricular Activities:

Public School 222 strives to provide our students with extracurricular activities that will enrich our academic programs. These extracurricular activities include:

· Millennium After School Program

· New Adventures After School Program

· School Band

· School Chorus

· Percussion Group

· Lego/Inventions Program

· Student Council

· Storytelling Festival

· Art Club

· Spelling Bee

· Science Fair

· James Madison High School Law Program

· Reading Buddies

· Read Aloud Day

· National Poetry Month

· Summer Reading Program

· Annual Character Parade

· Field Day

· Kick Ball Tournament

· Special Olympics

· Volley Ball Championship

Our school participates in a variety of charitable events to instill in our students a sense of community responsibility. These programs include:

· Autism Speaks Walk

· City Harvest Food Drive

· Penny Harvest

· St. Jude Math-a-Thon.

· Toys for Tots

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