Special Programs

Special Programs:

Public School 222 is a barrier-free school committed to the philosophy that all children can learn. We strive to match each child with a program that meets his or her needs and abilities. Our educational programs include:

· Heterogeneously grouped General Education classes

· Collaborative Team Teaching (C.T.T) classes

· Mini-C.T.T. classes

· Eagle II/Gifted and Talented classes

· Self Contained Special Education classes

-Nest Program

Student Support Services:

Public School 222 provides the following Student Support Services based on the student needs:

· Academic Intervention Services

· Speech Therapy

· Physical Therapy

· Occupational Therapy

· English as a Second Language (free standing program)

· Hearing and Vision Services

· School Based Support Team

· Guidance Counseling

· Before and After-school Academic Support Programs

-Adapted Physical Education (A.P.E)


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