Welcome to P.S. 236


Welcome to P.S. 236 

Lead By Example

Together for Children

           Upcoming Dates:      

May 20th - PA Meeting 7:00pm

May 23rd - Professional Development
Dismissal is at 11:40am

May 26th - Memorial Day School Closed

June 2nd - NYS Science Test Written Portion - Grade 4

June 3rd - 1/2 Day for students
Dismissal is at 11:40am

June 5th - Chancel1or's Conference Day no school for students

June 6th - 5th Grade Field Day

June 9th - 1/2 Day for students
Dismissal is at 11:40am

June 10th - PA Thank You Tea 9:30am

June 11th - 5th Grade Awards Ceremony 

June 13th - 5th Grade Dance

June 14th - P.S. 236 Family Day at MCU Park

June 17th - 5th Grade Trip - Adventureland

June 18th - PreK Steppin Up Ceremony

June 20th - 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

1/2 Day for students
Dismissal is at 11:40am

Science Exhibition 2014

Lego Exhibition 2014

Pajama Day

The Parent Association funded the Music For Many, Inc. Assembly

April Armstrong (storyteller & singer) & Ayodele Maakheru (musician)

Spelling Bee at P.S. 236

1st Place - Daniel Koulta
2nd Place - Adam Konstantinovsky
3rd Place - Celina Greco


roared into P.S. 236!

Thank you to the PA for

sponsoring this

exciting assembly!


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Class 5-201 won the SuccessMaker

@ Home Snowball Spectacular!

They worked for 47.4 hours combined

as a class during Winter Recess

utilizing the Pearson SuccessMaker

Program at home.

Their efforts paid off -

they came in #1 in NYC!

P.S. 236’s Goals

In looking at trends from a city and state prospective as well as utilizing ARIS, summative and formative assessments and our own in house data sources, we can see that our needs are the following:

  • Increase the number of students scoring at level 4 from level 3.
  • Increase the number of students making progress within level 3 and level 4.
  • Continue to have our Special Education subgroup make exemplary gains

A review of data suggests that student weaknesses in ELA are in the following areas:

  • Determining the meaning of new words using context clues, a dictionary or a glossary
  • Reading to collect and interpret data, facts and ideas from multiple sources
  • Identifying information that is implied rather than stated
  • Observing the rules of punctuation, capitalization and spelling and using correct grammatical construction

 A review of data suggests that student weaknesses in Math are in the following areas:

  • Thorough Problem Solving involving the showing of all work
  • Use of math vocabulary appropriately

 P.S. 236 will work toward strengthening these areas in student performance and progress.


What is the ARIS Parent Link?

The New York City Department of Education's Achievement Reporting and Innovation System (ARIS) provides a single place where our educators can go to find and study important information about your child. Principals and teachers use this information to find out how to best help your child.


ARIS Parent Link makes this same important information available for you, so you can work together with your child, principal and teacher to help your child learn. ARIS Parent Link uses secure login procedures to be sure that a child's information can be seen only by authorized members of his or her family.

APL - ARIS Parent Link