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  Andries Hudde Orchestral & Brass Band Music Programs

 In the Orchestral Music & Brass Band programs at IS 240, students have the opportunity to learn musical, instrumental, and interpersonal skills that will reward them for the rest of their lives.  Stringed instruments offered in the orchestra program are the violin, viola, cello, and double bass.  The band program offers woodwinds, brass and percussion.

In our instructional music programs, students learn how to read music, understand basic music theory and musicianship, and learn proper instrumental technique.  Team building and self-esteeem are also an integral part of our program.  As members of the "orchestra team" and "orchestra  band" students explore the rich resources of New York City through field trips to concerts, cultural institutations, and through their own performances.

6th grade music students develop basic string techniques and "music readiness" skills, with a focus on reading notated music, developing basic fingerings and basic concepts of intonation.

In the 7th grade these skills are improved upon as more complex and musically demanding repertory is introduced.

8th grade students focus on taking ensemble and personal musicianship to the next level as they prepare auditions for placement in high school orchestras and bands, and work towards the final senior concerts.

The Hudde Orchestra and Brass Band are Major Music Programs.

Any questions regarding our music program may be directed to:

Orchestral Music Program Director:  
Ms. A. Pierotti

Brass Band Music Program Director:  
Mr. B Baker

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