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Welcome Scientists, to a path of exploring, investigating and discovering! Here at PS 255, it is our goal to encourage curiosity and to provide all of our scientists an intellectually engaging and hands-on approach to learning.  We believe that our students learn best when they are actively engaged in the discovery process.  Children should be provided with opportunities to have direct experiences with common objects, materials, and living things in their environment.  Students should be able to use appropriate scientific language, communicate their thoughts and demonstrate the understanding of the process skills and procedures that are necessary to complete a scientific investigation.  Our programs at PS 255 are designed to do all of that and more!

This year we will be preparing our 4th grade students for the NYS science exam.  These students will also be offered an opportunity to join an after-school test-taking strategies program as we get closer to the exams.  This exam is comprised of two parts, a written component and hands on performance component.  The written test will be administered on June 7, 2010.

During the week of March 15, 2010, we will have our annual Science Fair which is an exhibit of experiments that our little scientists have conducted while using the scientific method.  Their work will be displayed during spring parent teacher conference week so that parents can see how much their scientist’s work is valued.

Lastly, we follow the New York City Department of Education Scope and Sequence for Science in the Elementary School.  In order to implement this curriculum the Harcourt Brace series is used in grades 1-5 and FOSS/DSM are used in addition in grades 3 & 4. These resources are used to help make science come alive! Our students study the following topics:

ü      Kindergarten – Exploring Properties, Seasons, Animals

ü      1st Grade – Properties of Matter, Weather and Seasons, Animal Diversity

ü      2nd Grade – Forces and Motion, Earth Materials, Plant Diversity

ü      3rd Grade – Matter, Energy, Simple Machines, Plant and Animal Adaptation

ü      4th Grade – Animals and Plants in their Environment, Electricity and Magnetism, Properties of Water, Interactions of Air, Water and Land

ü      5th Grade – Nature of Science, Earth Science, Food and Nutrition, Exploring Ecosystems

To help make science come alive in your homes please visit the website that corresponds with our science textbook www.hspscience.com and go to New York City.  Allow your children to explore and have fun! 

In order to access your child’s textbook online please go to eproducts login. 

Grade 1 students:

Username: nyork11
Password: science

Grade 2 students:

Username: nyork21
Password: science

Grade 3 students:

: nyork3
Password: science

Grade 4 students:

Username: nyork4
Password: science

Grade 5 students:

Username: nyork51
assword: science


Some suggested educational websites to visit include:


Science is all around us! Please help increase understanding of this by encouraging your children to wonder and ask questions about the world around us!

Happy exploring!

Mrs. F. Kohen, Upper Grades Science Teacher
Mr. J. Shaffer, Lower Grades Science Teacher


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