Saturday, August 23, 2014
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The Garden of Learning

PS 312 in Bergen Beach, is located in a remote Brooklyn neighborhood adjacent to a State of the Art building next door which serves several Districts as an Environmental Study Center. Students from PS 312 and other schools care for plants and animals ranging from a simulated Amazon rain forest to a salt-water marsh. In addition, they receive workshops that support the State Science Standards. Principal Linda-Beal Benigno, a former Reading Recovery Teacher Leader for New York University with a Masters in Educational Psychology understands the Reading and Writing Process as well as the Teaching & Learning Process, has invigorated the staff with new ways of teaching.

PS 312 embraces the Balanced Literacy Approach incorporated by Teacher’s College. During reading and writing workshops, students are placed in heterogeneous classes, formal and informal assessments are conducted and teachers are “Kid watchers” in order to provide small group instruction for each student at their identified level. The school embraces the Everyday Math Program which spirals math concepts in a way that helps children develop a clear understanding of number sense. The State of the Art Science Lab enriches children and supports them in the teaching of science. Social Studies is integrated within the literacy block using rich literature, book clubs, magazines and various other types of texts.

The Arts Program at PS 312 is outstanding. Band, Chorus, Visual Arts and a student Theater Company provides students with rich experiences and appreciation of the Arts. Students have an opportunity to develop their talent and are taught by Certified Teachers of the Arts. Enrichment clusters provided are in the areas of guitar, drama, visual arts, chess, a future teacher’s club, Theater, cheerleading, video club, computer club, Robotics, and board games. In addition, the school has its own student volleyball and basketball team which plays yearly against its faculty. It is an impressive and exciting day for all.

A key factor for the school in maintaining its high student achievement is the dedicated staff which has instilled a Unified Approach in teaching and learning, as well as, the Reading and Writing process. In addition, attention is given for the continuation of our Home/School connection in which families are regularly informed of their child’s progress and upcoming events.

PS 312 strives to instill an Environmentally Based Consciousness in which all students and staff are regularly involved in initiatives that promote service in areas of caring for others, caring for animals and caring for the environment. Walking through the PS 312 “Garden of Learning” at the main entrance instills the culture of the building immediately.