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June 2015


It has been a tremendous year. Thank you for being a part of it. I am excited to share that we have successfully concluded the 2014 – 2015 school year. In reflecting on the school year, based on the data as well as feedback from the school community, there are some changes that need to be appropriated in terms of school logistics. As mentioned previously, during the Looking Ahead Night that was held on May 13th, changes will be seen specifically in schedules, lunch recess, and class organization.

We have changed the schedule from a traditional, 5-Day schedule to a 7-Day Cycle. In a 7-Day cycle, every student will get an opportunity to see every Cluster teacher. P.S. 312’s cluster classes are Art, Technology, Writing, Music, Physical Education, Dance, and Science. There will be a yearlong calendar that will be distributed at the beginning of the school year to ensure that the school community is clear on what day the cycle is following.

As for the student lunch periods, we will be changing the lunch periods from two to three periods. This way, all students will have an opportunity to go outdoors for recess contingent upon the daily weather forecast. The lunch periods are as follows:

Lunch Period



1st Lunch

Kindergarten & Fifth

10:50 – 11:40

2nd Lunch

First & Fourth

11:40 – 12:30

3rd Lunch

Second & Third

12:30 – 1:20

For our class organization, we have looked at the data, and based on what we have gleaned, our school has determined that it is necessary to make all classes heterogeneous with the exception of some of our Enrichment classes. Specifically in our Integrated Co-Teaching(ICT)classes, these classes will also be heterogeneous. These ICT classes are classes that have two teachers in the classroom. One teacher is a GeneralEducation teacher and the other is a Special Education Teacher. The students that are placed in this type of class can be a general education student or a student that has an Individualized Education Plan(IEP). The breakdown of the class must be 60% General Education students to 40% Students with IEPs. The implications of this change are twofold. Your child will have an opportunity to be placed in an ICT class some time during his/her career at P.S. 312. Please understand that this change is one that is necessary for the betterment of the entire school community and that specific classroom requests cannot be upheld as we have an extremely large student population. Regardless of the class assignment, please know that every classroom is filled with rigor and that the focus for learning remains for high student achievement at P.S. 312.

 Thank you in advance for collaborating and partnering together for our children! Have a delightful summer!

All the best,

Ms. Jamie Yoo

P.S. 312's Instructional Focus for All Students

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