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I. To e-mail work to me:

When you e-mail YOU MUST put your whole name and the topic on the subject line. Otherwise i will delete the e-mail without opening it. For example, put "Jason Smith make up for Task I essay" on the subject line.

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1. We discussed the advice the older generation gives to the younger.

MAJOR ASSIGNMENT #1: For homework we wrote a full-length essay analyzing part of the topic of the advice the older generation gives the younger: usually this requires 8 paragraphs and can be developed using a combination of approaches.

2. We have been accumulating "personal vocabulary" words. These are words that come in class or in reading that are not on the vocabulary list for the book. You must define each of these words in your notebook and list them without the definition on the personal vocabulary sheets I give you. You will get your own personal vocabulary test after each unit of literature. (There will be 5 or 6 units this term.) You get one point for each word you get right on the test, with no points off for incorrect answers. At the end of the term I add up all your points and the total counts as a test score. It is possible to get well over 100 on this test - the record is about 160. This cumulative test gets averaged in with all your other marks, so it is a great way to raise your average.

You can see me to get a list of the words that have come up in class so far.

You must find more words on your own.

3. We started The Human Comedy, including a vocabulary list and a personal vocabulary project.


5. You must obtain the AMSCO review book - from Mr. Edelman, the library, a friend, etc. The first assignments were to read chapters 1, 2 and 3 and to complete the practice tests for Session One, part A, near the end of chapter 2 and the practice test for Session One, Part B, near the end of chapter 3. for the first practice test, have somebody read the listening passage about tree-free paper to you twice, then answer the 6 multiple choice questions and write the essay about tree-free paper. The two practice tests are MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS #3 AND #4.

6. We have started a literary elements section in our notebooks. Some of the entries are setting, characterization, symbolism, image, simile, metaphor and theme. There are others. Save several pages for this section..

7. MAJOR ASSIGNMENT #5: PSAT practice test (just the three sections on English, no math.).

Updated 12/11/07

Update for Mr. Edelman’s course, English 6, period 2, start of MP III

We read The Human Comedy.

8. Major assignment # 6 – A test on The Human Comedy: essay, vocabulary, personal vocabulary, multiple choice.

9. Major assignment # 7 – Regents Task III from the review book: pp. 238-243, multiple choice and essay

We read A Separate Peace.

10. Major assignment # 8 – A test on A Separate Peace: essay, vocabulary, personal vocabulary, multiple choice

11. We will read several poems related to war and connect them to each other and to A Separate Peace: “Death of the Ball Turret Gunner,” “Dulce et Decorum Est,” “Grass,” and “Naming of Parts.” An essay will be assigned on “Is there glory in war?” (Major assignment #9)

12. We will read Death of a Salesman and take a test with the usual components. (Major assignment #10)

13. We will study three poems about greatness and values in connection to each other and to Death of a Salesman: “Ozymandias,” “Ex-Basketball Player,” and “Ode to an athlete Dying Young.” An essay will be assigned (Major assignment #12).

14. We will have a Christmas unit before the holiday: “A Child’s Christmas in Wales,” A Christmas Memory,” and portions of “The Nutcracker Suite.” The essay on this unit will be for extra-credit or make-up for any missing piece. (Major assignment #13)

15. If we have time will we study Project A on the good life/the good society. The test will be major assignment #14.