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Our Vision

School Philosophy

We believe that all of our students can succeed. All students are provided with college preparatory courses. Students in need of remediation are provided with that remediation so that they too can achieve college acceptance. We believe in "active learning" and expect all students to achieve rigorous standards.

Collaboration with Kingsborough Community College

Kingsborough Community College provides use of all campus facilities leased to the high school including gymnasiums, theaters, library, and a television studio. Seniors are required to enroll in the credit bearing College Now Program or the Bridge Program of Kingsborough Community College. The advantageous location of the school on a CUNY campus has facilitated numerous collaborative efforts with the college: the My Turn program, in which senior citizen college students assist students in the photography class; the Intel Research Program, in which college professors mentor science students interested in submitting their projects in the national competition; Family College, which provides the setting for students to volunteer in the early childhood center; the Greentree Foundation, which funds the after-school tutoring program for students two days each week in English, social studies, science and calculus, and which funded our participation in the Penn Center in South Carolina; Career Guidance, which affords high school students information and counseling on careers; College Now and the Bridge Program, which offer college credit courses to high school students.
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