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Extracurricular Activities


For information regarding sports, please visit the "Athletics & Fitness" section under Academics and Activities. 

Special Education

Special Education programs are available to high school students who meet specific eligibility criteria in the following program areas: specific learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, speech/language impairments, visually impaired and/or hearing impaired, orthopedically impaired, other health impaired, autism, and traumatic brain injury. All due process procedures as mandated by state and federal laws are strictly followed. Special classes are available for students who require more structured learning in a small group setting. Upon completion of these classes, students who meet the requirements will be given a regular course number indicating that the course may be used toward a diploma. Students meeting Individual Education Plan (IEP) objectives only will be given elective credit toward a diploma or credit toward a Special Education Diploma. An individual Transition Plan is written for each student to support his/her movement from school to adult life.

College Preparatory Initiative

The College Preparatory Initiative (CPI), a collaborative project between the New York City Public Schools and the City University of New York (CUNY), is a set of prescribed educational competencies designed to prepare students for college and work. As of the year 2000, 16 academic units are required of all entering students to CUNY schools.

Bridge Program

Eligible seniors with an 85% average may attend college courses offered by Kingsborough Community College during their regular school day. College credits are accepted at most colleges and universities throughout the United States.

College Now

The College Now Program of the City University of New York offers college credit courses to seniors in math, science, social studies and English. All seniors at The Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences must enroll in College Now courses which provide a transition from high school to college. The only exceptions to this requirement will be students who must take seven classes in their senior year; or have a conflict with a high school class; or are enrolled in the Bridge Program. The credits are accepted at most colleges and universities. Students who do not take AP exams will receive only honors credit and not AP credit.
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