School Rules

  • Students must comply with all rules and regulations of the City University of New York Security Staff who secure the buildings and campus of The Leon M. Goldstein High School For The Sciences. Students must present program cards and photo I.D.'s upon request to the CUNY Security Staff as well as to any school staff members.
  • The use of beepers, cellular phones, radios, tape players, and walkmen is prohibited in the high school buildings. Students may use walkmen in the Cafeteria and on the college campus.
  • Students may not smoke anywhere on campus.
  • Students may use only those buildings assigned to them as indicated on program cards.
  • Permanent markers are prohibited.
  • Students must eat lunch only in the Student Cafeteria in the High School.
  • Students may not leave the campus during the school day.
  • Appropriate attire is required in all classes. Students may not wear hats, do-rags nor other headgear in classrooms. No midriffs, short shorts nor heavy metal chains are to be worn in school.
  • Students must observe all safety rules when using science laboratories, gymnasiums and the pool. These rules include proper and safe behavior and attire. For safety, no jewelry, including body piercing jewelry, is permitted in the gym.
  • Loitering in halls and bathrooms is prohibited.
  • Students are not to go to the beach nor by the sea wall without a teacher escort. Students are not permitted to sit by the sea wall stanchions nor on the grass during the school day.
  • Students are to report any altercation or possible violation of the Discipline Code to either the Dean, Campus Security, the Principal or Assistant Principal.
  • Students may not enter the gymnasiums nor participate in recreational activities in the gymnasiums unless a teacher is present.
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