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Assistant Principals
Lynda Dobrin
John Gonzalez
Janet Brozyna-Lee
Donna Addison

Off Sites
  P.009Q at I.S. 5  
50-40  Jacobus Street, Elmhurst, N.Y. 11373

 P.009Q at P.S. 58
72-50 Grand Ave., Maspeth, NY 11378

 P.009Q at P.S. 209
16-10 Utopia Parkway, Whitestone, N.Y. 11357

 P.009Q at P.S. 268
175-02 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432

P.009Q at P.S. 277
153-27 88th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11435

P.009Q at P.S. 882
90-36 150th Street, Jamaica, NY 11435

What about P.9?

Written By: Brynda Jacqueline Terry

Sometimes when people hear the name P.9, their answer is usually what about it? Well… you see, P.9 the “main site” isn’t really all that bad (to me) in fact, P.9 is really positive with all the smart kids and ideas, we build with an education.  P.9 is usually recognized for all the bad and negativity; they haven’t been able to see the sympathy and goodness of our heart that’s been in here all along.

            I mean we put knowledge in one another’s head, and when we wake up… We just don’t wake up with a head but with the knowledge that was past down by our teachers as well. We build in knowledge as if we were building a storm to make peace, instead of creating a storm into a disaster. Peace that will bring us through-out the pain away from harmony and into the future past down by happiness.

             So before we are so quick to judge P.9, think about the good and pass away the negativity. Think what’s inside of a schools heart as well as you would the same to a person.Don’t ask about P.9, ask about the hearts and amount of lives that they changed around. Ask about the knowledge we take with us as we say-goodbye. “If we are trustworthy to our school and friends, then that’s what our lives shall come upon as we leave and start our lives out of P.9”


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