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Welcome To James B. Colgate P. S. 12Q

Resources for Learning at Home
Free for all PS12Q Students

Brain POP, Brain POPJr, Brain Pop ESL

Reading Eggs & Reading Eggspress

Britannica for 

World Book

How can I access Myon with my child?
Step 1:  go to www.myon.com
Step 2:  Type our school name:  24Q012 James B. Colgate
Step 3:  Type your Username 
Step 4:  Type your Password 
All Usernames and Passwords must be CAPITALIZED

How can I access GoMath with my child?
Step 1:  Select then click the Country:  United States
Step 2:  Select then click the City:  New York
Step 3:  Select then click the District:  New York City, Dept of Education 10007
Step 4:  Select then click the School: Ps 12 James B. Colgate

Welcome to the New York City Schools District Library Page
Step 1:  Click on Queens then scroll down and select PS012Q James B. Colgate

Queens Library

P.S. 12Q's Policy on the use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices in School

(Chancellor's Regulation A- 413)
  • Students may bring cell phones and other electronic devices, but all devices must be turned off and kept in students' backpacks while on school property.
  • Electronic devices can only be turned on once the student has been dismissed.
  • If a parent needs to contact their child during the school day, the parent must call the main office.
  • Electronic devices cannot be used during emergency drills.
  • Electronic devices are not permitted on school trips and must remain at the school.
  • Any student who does not follow this policy, will have their electronic device(s) confiscated.  Parents will have to come to the school to collect confiscated devices.
  • The school is not responsible for any electronic devices that may be lost or damaged.
Please take the time to review this policy with your child.

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