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Special Programs

Accelerated Programs - Our expanded Honors Programs offers Integrated Algebra courses, Earth Science courses, and foreign language courses that earn high school and Regents credit.  These students are also given additional opportunities to experience cultural and social activities.

Advisory Program - A character-education program scheduled for our 6th grade students.

The curriculum includes materials specifically geared toward pre-teen concerns, adjustments to middle school and preparing for future goals.

Law Education Program - While enabling our students to become better-informed citizens, this program also increases knowledge of United States history and broadens their understanding and respect for the law.  The students involved in the program focus on researching law cases to present at mock trials.

Robotics - Our students combine technology and science to create robotic structures that can perform multiple tasks.

Technology - Each student will have a technology class, as well as opportunities to use the vast compilation of computers, laptops, SmartBoards, and audio and video media, within other subject areas.  Technology has become a valuable resource within the school enabling students to connect with a wealth of information.  A wireless server has been outfitted for our building and has permitted universal Internet access to all classrooms.

The Peer Mediation / Conflict Resolution - In order to diffuse and anticipate altercations, I.S. 77 enables students to take an active role in behavior management to facilitate peace-making solutions.  A certified Project Friend counselor, as well as, trained staff members, oversee the students of this program.

Talent Programs - Our students are able to expand their educational experience throught the Performing Arts department.  Classes are offered in vocal, dance, art, and band.  The students' abilities are highlighted through I.S. 77's concerts, talent shows, yearbook and graphic-arts designs.

Academic Intervention Services (AIS) - This program is provided to those students in academic need within the English Language Arts and Mathematics classroom.  The AIS teacher works collaboratively with the classroom teacher to provide individual assistance in a small-group setting.
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