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I.S. 77 Winner of 2010 Chase Multimedia in the Classroom Awards Competition 

When Actions Spoke Louder Than Words: The Progressive Era

Students from class 822 produced this film which highlights the problems reformers and activists brought to society’s attention during the Progressive Era.  It looks at Tammany Hall politics, temperance, industrial workers, inadequate child care, poor housing conditions, child labor, tainted food preparation and women’s suffrage.  Films created during this era were silent and produced in black and white, so the class decided to employ those same elements in their production.

Hint to the viewer:

The film has eight segments. Each begins with a quotation from a person involved in or observing the highlighted issue for the segment.  Read these quotes carefully for the best viewing/understanding.


The film was created under Ms. Kuhlman’s supervision by:

Nisreen Abdelaziz

Admir Berisha

Paulina Bogdan

Iasmina Burchici

Ricky Chan

Niyanta Chhetri

Serine Farahi

Vanesa Fuentes

Kimberly Gil

Jonathan Jaramillo

Ellen Kim

Le, Norman

Mateusz Malinowski

Vicente Martinez

Patricja Okuniewska

Aleksandra Pietraszewska

Alicja Rak

Sharar Rasha

David Rodriguez

Jade Santiago

Xavier Soto

Victor Tavarez

Isabela Turek

Alexandra Velasquez

Carolyn Vidal

Pawel Wieclaw

Wendy Wu

Siqing Xu

Ada Ye

Karolina Zajac

View the winning video.

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