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Our Mission

The John F. Kennedy Jr. School (P721Q) is a very special place. Upon entering any one of our sites, you can sense the truly special environment that our students and staff experience every day.  If a society is judged by the care given to the most vulnerable among us, P721Q unquestionably demonstrates that our society cares and strives to leave no one behind. 

Our primary purpose is to prepare our students for independence and to become productive members of our community to the greatest extent possible. We believe that with care, sound educational strategies and an appropriate mixture of challenge and high expectations, our students will be able to accomplish this most fundamental life goal.

We are diligent in following our mission by emphasizing collaboration with all the important players… students, parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, school staff, and dedicated agencies who serve your children.  We must not lose sight of the important truth that…. it does take a village to reach our individual goals!

Success also requires that we go beyond the borders of our own school community. It will be our commitment to broaden efforts to develop partnerships with local, regional, national, and global players who can assist us in our endeavors.  We look forward to working together with all of the people involved to create the most productive synergies possible. Our collective goal is to get the most out of all available resources to encourage and cultivate excellence, and to maximize each individual student’s academic, pre-vocational, and career potential. We will strive to develop self discipline, manners, and mutual respect, and to prepare our students for the world of work and life in this ever changing and demanding society. 

Our purpose must be to provide High Expectations, Opportunity, and Results while acknowledging each person’s unique individuality. We will work with, nurture, and challenge all students, parents, staff, and administrators to realize the full potential of every student registered in our school.   Nothing less can be expected, or accepted, to meet the challenges of life hanging in the balance for our very special population.

“ We Make A Difference”


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