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Our Mission

 PS 169 is dedicated to creating a nurturing and intellectually enriched environment which develops each child's unique capabilities. It is our goal to foster a love of learning, to stimulate critical thinking, to encourage a caring and compassionate school community, and to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. We do this by embracing cultural diversity, building understanding and tolerance of differences, fostering creativity, developing self esteem, employing multiple teaching strategies, integrating the arts, operating school based businesses, exhibiting an elevated degree of professionalism, maintaining high expectations and applying consistent standards for all children, encouraging active parent participation, and involving the entire school and community in a commitment to excellence in all that we do. At PS 169 we cultivate children to coexist in the garden of life while displaying their singular characteristics.

Special Programs

A magnet program in business and finance based on class run businesses, Extended Day Programs, peer tutoring, paired Upper and Lower buddy classes, Community Service, Science Labs, Lunch Club program, Book Talks, and Poetry Writing. Time is set aside each day for a schoolwide Read Aloud.

Extracurricular Activities

Student Council, Penny Harvest, Basketball team, Cheerleaders, Boosters, school newspaper, Music, Art and Science Enrichment, monthly celebrations, Strings Program, school garden, Halloween Hat Parade, school dances, multicultural celebrations, peer mediation program, RCCP lessons, Spring Fling, Book of the Month school wide activities, assemblies.

Our Community

Partnerships with Margaret Tietz Nursing Home, Marquis Studio, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Project Arts, The Center for Arts Education, and support from NYC School Volunteers program.
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