Children's Writing

We were on the dance stage. I was dancing on the stage. We were happy. The music was playing. I missed and then I fell. "I can still do this," I said. I was crying. The others said, " Oh no!  now you can't dance." "Yes, I can still dance!," I said. I was happy. "I know the steps," I said.  It was the show day.


The Pillow Fight

"Hey, you guys want to have a pillow fight in my room?," I said. We all nodded "yes". I led them to my room. Brian was the first to hop on the bed and throw some stuffed animals at Jeffrey's face. I took some of the pillows and used it a s a shield to pin Jeffrey to the wall. He pushed me back and whacked me in the face with another pillow.  I tripped Jeffrey by rolling under him.  Before he could get back up, Brian and I hit him with more pillows. The fight went on until we got tired and went to sleep.  It was a great night.
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