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Tips For Homework

The Do's
Provide a well lit, comfortable, quiet location with the necessary supplies on hand.

Write or post on a daily schedule a time set aside each day for homework. Give your child the message that homework is a #1 priority.

For children in grades K-3 schedule homework time when parents are available to give help. If necessary, establish a homework log for teachers and parents to initial daily.

Encourage your child to work independently. Homework teaches children responsibility. Give help only after he/she makes an effort on their own.

If your child does not understand the assignment contact the teacher to discuss the difficulty .

If necessary, give your child a meaningful reward or point system. However communicate that giving incentives is your choice.


Your child must use the entire scheduled homework time everyday to do some type of academic activity, such as reading, review  or practice.

Communicate your confidence  in your child's ability. Praise specific behavior and show appreciation for your child's efforts.

Communicate assertively that your child must do his /her homework. 

Don't Tips

Don't allow your child to do homework in a distracting environment.

Don't make homework as the last thing scheduled into your child's day. Don't give the message that homework is squeezed in after other activities.

Don't forget that parent's support and encouragement are correlated with children's academic success. Be involved, interested, and committed to the importance of homework

Do not do your child's homework for him or her, as it will only confirm his/her belief that he is incapable of doing it, resulting in his feeling more overwhelmed the next time he/she has homework.

Don't allow your child to extort rewards  or involve you in a power struggle. I won't do my homework unless you give me something. Set limits when your child threatens.

Don't allow your child to race through homework, resulting in messy, incorrect work. Don't accept excuses that he "forgot" to bring work home.

Show your child the importance of reading.

Adapted from Homework without Tears, By Lee Cantor. 1987

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