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What is the PTA About?

PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association and this organization fills every definition of the term. The idea is that both parents and teachers work as partners in educating all the children. The message we want to send home to our children is positive attitude toward education.

An outstanding PTA is a positive reflection upon their school because it shows how much the parents are committed to the care of the children’s educational needs comforts and safety What we do as parent volunteers is help with various family events and/or fundraisers. If a parent is able get further involved, they are more than welcome to join the PTA Executive Board (E-Board) which is the decision making process regarding the various activities and PTA funding.

In an effort to assist our schools needs, the PTA organizes events such as the Candy Sale, Magazine Drives, Bake Sales, etc. These fundraiser events support our school throughout the year and provide funding for some of the “enrichment clubs”. One good example of the PTA helping our school was last years acquiring of a new sound system. We did all the research, found the vendor, and provided the funding to replace the old sound system used in the auditorium. Now we have a multi-media system that plays DVD’s and VCR tapes for movies, as well as a microphone and sound system for making announcements when someone needs to address the audience. The portable announcement system that Mr. Zaretsky uses daily comes in handy making this system even more flexible. This year our goal is to acquire acoustics to improve the sound even further in the auditorium.

The PTA also gets involved in helping students during Picture Day, assisting with the 5th grade senior trips, Head Check (where we have volunteers check all the children to see if they have lice), and many other functions.

Safety is always a concern to all. When we had the trailer in our yard being used by troubled youths in the DOE system, the parents felt that it was a threat to the younger children of the school. The PTA helped with the assistance of Councilman James Gennaro to remove the program from our premises.

All in all, the PTA is the “parental back bone” of the school. We are here to help keep the school safe and to keep our children happy while learning. As parents we are also happy to work closely with the faculty and are grateful for to the incredible job they are doing with our children.

Seth Zucker

PTA Executive Board Member

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