Student Pages

 School Supplies:

2-Rolls of paper towels
2-Packages of baby wipes
1-Gallon size package of Ziploc baggie
1-Sturdy folder
1-Package of sandwich sized Ziploc baggie
1-Box of tissues
1-Package of paper plates
1-Package of paper napkins
1-Bottle of antibacterial instant hand sanitizer (not soap)
1- Child sized sleep mat(full day only) you can get this at Carol’s School Supply or Lakeshore.

Additionally please send in a full change of clothes including socks and undergarments. Label all articles of clothing with your child’s name and place all items in one large Ziploc bag

1- Box of Crayola Crayons-classic colors, large size (fat)
1- Box of Crayola color pencils
10-Sharpened #2 pencils
3 -White Elmer's School Glue-non-toxic
1- Pair of Fiskar blunt-point scissors
Schoolbag to carry materials to and from school (soft fabric) no wheels
1- large hard covered notebook (non-spiral, not looseleaf or binder)
1-Pack of Dry Erase Markers
Complete change of clothes, in a labeled zip-lock bag (underwear, socks, shirt, pants or skirt)
1- Box of tissues
1-Package of paper napkins
1- Roll of paper towels
1- Small child-sized shoebox or crayon holder (must fit into your child's desk)
A recent snapshot of your child
1- Roll of Scotch brand tape
A family magazine with colorful pictures
1- Folder with (2)pockets on the bottom for important notice to parents
1- Package of post-its, any size
2 -Packages of white copy paper (can be purchased at Staples)
Covered pencil sharpener
1/2" Binder
Clear plastic sleeves

First Grade
4- Hard covered marble notebooks
4- Folders with pockets on the bottom-not the sides
1- Small box of crayons - not more than 16
Markers and Colored pencils
1- Large bottle of Elmer's School Glue
1- Glue Stick
1- Large pencil eraser
5- Sharpened pencils (each week)
1- Plastic box to hold the supplies - must fit inside the desk
1- Roll of paper towels
1- Box of tissues
1-Antiseptic liquid soap
1- Box of gallon size Ziploc plastic bags
1- Box of sandwich size Ziploc plastic bags
1- Post-It
1- Safety scissors
1- Small set of dry erase markers
1- Clear packing tape

In addition, please keep crayons, glue, and scissors at home for homework.
Label all school supplies, especially lunchboxes, bookbags and clothing. This will be a good start for first grade.

Second Grade
6- Marble notebooks
6- Sharpened pencils everyday
1- Red pen
1- Eraser
1- Roll of Scotch tape
1- Large bottle of glue and
2- Glue sticks
1- Box of crayons 64 count
1- Box of Magic Markers
1- Box of colored pencils
1- Pair of child-sized, metal scissors
1- Pencil box to store supplies in (must fit in desk)
5- Pocket folders
2- Rolls of paper towels
2- Boxes of tissues
2- Four packs of post-it notes (3"x3")
2- Packages of 8 1/2"x11" white copy paper
1- Box of gallon size Ziploc bags
1- Container of baby wipes (optional)
1- Package of dry erase markers
2- spiral memo pads (3x5)
Two reading books from your child's personal library for independent reading time.

Second and Third Grade

24 Sharpened pencils in the original box or in a large "Ziploc bag"
1-11/2" inexpensive binder, hard cover
3-100 page composition notebook
2- Folders, with pockets on the bottom
1- Package of thick markers (8 count)
1- Box of Crayons (24 Count)
1- Pair of blunt edge scissors (not pointed)
4- Tennis balls (for the bottom of your child's chair) used ones are fine

Third Grade

Listed below is a list of supplies for the 2007-2008 school year:

8- Composition notebooks
8- Sturdy folders with Horizontal Pockets
1- Loose-Leaf Paper package with (wide rule)
4- Packages of 3"x3" Post-its
1- Ream of 81/2x11 white printer paper
1- Supply box (no larger than 8"x5")
1- Box colored pencils (no more than 24 in a box)
1- Box of fine line markers (no more than 24 in a box)
2- Dry erase markers
1- Child size scissor
1- Glue stick
1- Eraser
Students must bring 4 sharpened pencils to school everyday (no mechanical pencils)
1-Roll of paper towel
1- Box of 1 gallon Ziploc bags
2-Large boxes of unscented tissues
$5.00 for Classroom Magazine Subscription
Please put $5.00 in an envelope with your child's name on it.

Please label all supplies with your child's name.

Thank you

Fourth Grade
4- #2- Sharpened pencils with erasers (no mechanical pencils)
1- Individual pencil sharpener
2- Erasers
1- Box colored pencils (no more than 24 in a box)
Expo Markers
1- Supply box
2 -Blue ink pens
2-Green ink pens
9- Composition notebooks (marble)
5- Sturdy folders ( in different colors with horizontal pockets)
1- Package of loose-leaf paper
1- Pair of scissors ( 5' child-size or 9"for bigger hands)
1- Bottle of Elmer's glue
1- Package 8 1"2x11 (printer paper)
2 -Pack of 3x3 post-its
2- Large boxes of tissues
2- Rolls of paper towels
1- Baby wipes in container
$5.00 Time for Kids (in a labeled envelope, name, class)

Fourth and Fifth Grade
8- Black and white composition notebooks
1- Folder with the pocket on the bottom
2- Boxes of tissues
2- Rolls of paper towels
1- Glue stick
1- Box of crayons
1- Box of pencils
4- Erasers
1- Pack of copy paper
2- Boxes of Ziploc Bags-quart size
1- Small scissor
1- Scotch tape
1- Highlighter

Fifth Grade
6 - Pocket folders
4 - Marble notebooks
Magic markers
4 -Sharpened pencils everyday
1 -Highlighter
3 -Packages of post-its (3"x3" or larger)
3 -Packages of post-its (2"x1 1/2")
1 -Package of 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" white copy paper
3- Packages of loose-leaf paper
Pencil case to hold supplies
2- Boxes of tissues
2 -Rolls of paper towels
1 -Package of labels (1"x3")
2- Pens: blue, 2 black, 2 red ( can be erasable)
1- Eraser
Homework pad
1- Bottle of liquid hand soap
1- Box of gallon size Ziploc bags
1- Looseleaf binder

Please label all supplies with name and class

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