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Our mission at P.S. 177, Queens is We C.A.R.E.  This sums up the “whole family” in our school environment.  We are committed and dedicated to Communicate, Applaud, Research and Educate all of our students, staff, administration, and parents in reaching the “New Standards”.  Our aims are simple yet all-encompassing as we struggle to meet the rigorous demand of the new millennium.  We envision this to be an exciting time for our 177 family as we continue to implement C.A.R.E. throughout our school.  The following reflects our objectives as we strive to meet the “New Core Standards”.

1)    COMMUNICATE – Communication is important for our students and their parents.  We continue to have an Open Door policy for all involved in the education of our special students.  Time will continue to be provided for our staff to communicate their needs and concerns.  We communicate with surrounding universities as well as District 75 in expressing the needs, concerns and aspirations of P. S. 177 Queens.

2)    APPLAUD – Acclamations are due to our wonderful staffs who continue to shine in the education our students.  Our staff is collaborative with each other, as well as with colleagues in other placements and school environments.  We applaud the parents of our students for their active participation in school affairs.  We would like to see participation from more of our parents as our School Leadership Committee develops. P. S. 177Q also applauds District 75 for providing assistance and workshops for all of our 177 family (staff, parents and administrators).

3)    RESEARCH – P.S.  177Q is determined to continue to seek out programs and methods that will enhance learning experiences for our students.  Our staff hopes to accomplish this with the assistance of universities, colleges, and District 75.  We are committed to search for agencies and groups that can assist our parents with their many concerns.  Research is an essential component involving all who educate and care for our special education students.

4)    EDUCATE – It is our utmost priority to educate each and every one of our students to the best of our ability.  Complacency is not applicable or tolerated.  We must meet the demands of the “New Standards” and expose our student to new methods that will increase their academic and behavioral performance.  Teachers, administrators, and parents must all collaborate in this important endeavor.  Participation in workshops, the latest technological advances, and continued research will aid to educate all involved.

In conclusion, C.A.R.E. (Communicating, Applauding, Researching, and Educating) is the goal towards which we at P.S. 177 Queens continue to strive.  The “New Standards” will promote our vision in having our students achieve in all aspects of their lives.

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