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Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Homework is assigned to support learning standards and ongoing classroom instruction with timely feedback and response. Homework encourages initiative and stimulates continued learning and inquiry. Homework develops a sense of responsibility by fostering independent work habits and organizational skills.

Homework will be placed on the board for Grades 3-5 by 2:00 p.m., Grades 1 and 2 after lunch and Kindergarten has a weekly contract. Grades 1-5 homework is to be written in the homework notebook.


maximum 30 minutes

Monday through Thursday

First Grade

maximum 30-40 minutes

Monday through Thursday

Second Grade

maximum 30-50 minutes

Monday through Thursday

Third Grade

maximum 45-60 minutes

Monday through Friday

Fourth Grade

maximum 45-90 minutes

Monday through Friday

Fifth Grade

maximum 45-90 minutes

Monday through Friday

Independent reading is included in these guidelines and is adjusted as the year goes on.

Homework assignments may include written work, studying, reading in content area, research, etc.

Friday homework is optional.

Homework assigned over the vacation will be assigned the week before vacation and due a week after the return to school. Two weekends at the minimum will be included in this time.

Assignments that require going to the public library will include a weekend to accommodate working families.


(This is a general guide since the cluster classes are quite different)

Homework is not given every week.

Classroom teachers are notified when picking up the class that an assignment is due so he/she can write it on the board.

Forgotten cluster homework may be handed in the next day (not the next week).

Three missed assignments results in a fetter or phone call home.

Homework is due the following week unless it is a long range assignment (usually Mrs. Wiener). Students are given enough time. Short range assignments (1 week) do not require going to the public library or making project.

Homework which is not handed in will affect the report care grade.

Parents need to foster good habits starting from Kindergarten by encouraging QUALITY WORK:

neatly, correctly written numbers/letters, paper that is clean and crisp,

organize notebooks, folders and binders and appropriate school supplies.

Teachers are not required to give class work/homework assignments to children whose parent removes them from school to go on vacation when school is officially in session. This would condone truancy. In addition, children who are out sick should obtain homework assignments from fellow students. Parents should not call the school to have teachers provide homework.

Homework provides parents with further information regarding their child's learning, thereby strengthening the home school connection.

Please check nightly with your child to see if homework was completed.

Parents may purchase workbooks, textbooks, etc. on their own to supplement their child's education at home. These materials are to remain at home, for home use only.

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