Supply Lists for the 2013-2014 School Year

Below you will find the supply list for each class and/or grade. 
Click on the class to download the printable version!


Pre-K111.PDF- Ms. Rothschild
Pre-K120.PDF- Ms. Connick
Pre-K122.PDF- Ms. Bowen Morales


K-113.PDF- Ms. Scafidi
K-116.PDF- Ms. Cevallos
K-123.PDF- Ms. Giambrone
K-124.PDF- Ms. Grabelsky
K-125.PDF- Ms. Vitale
K-127.PDF- Ms. Seinfeld

First Grade

1-118.PDF- Ms. Milazzo
1-218.PDF- Ms. Devoy
1-220.PDF- Ms. Trezza
1-223.PDF- Ms. DeCiantis
1-225.PDF- Ms. Whitemore

Second Grade

2-213.PDF- Ms. Cooper
2-214.PDF- Ms. Park
2-216.PDF- Ms. Han
2-222.PDF- Ms. Lim

Third Grade

3rd-Grade (ALL CLASSES).PDF- Ms. Lagan, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Horan, Ms. Fazzolari, Ms. Renart

Fourth Grade

4th-Grade(ALL CLASSES).PDF-Ms. Gresser, Ms. Connors, Ms. Korniewicz, Ms. Marcus, Ms. Mok

Fifth Grade

5th-Grade (ALL CLASSES).PDF- Ms. Stavropoulos, Ms. Pennecke, Lisa Gagliano, Ms. Madden, Holle Popovits

K/1/2 and 3/4/5

K/1/2-316B.PDF- Ms. DaCova
3/4/5-316A.PDF- Ms. Lew