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Principal’s Message-

What is success? That’s easy to see. It’s trying to be the best you can be!”

Coach John Wooden

 PS/IS 266Q is a pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school that opened in September 2003. The school was a new construction on what is now known as the Frank A. Padavan Campus located in Bellerose, New York. The student population is approximately 700 students. The students were chosen through a lottery system for District 26 in Queens and represent a cross-section of the districts’ population.  There are no academic criteria for entering the school and the student population is extremely diverse, reflecting the multi-cultural community. Our diverse community of families from a variety of diverse ethnic backgrounds is drawn from the neighborhoods that comprise District 26.

 Special services are provided through SETTS, ESL/Reading, Academic Intervention Services (before, during, after school and on Saturdays), speech, hearing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and adaptive physical education. Our students receive instruction in science, art, music, library skills and computer technology.  Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT) and self-contained classes are used to provide services to students in the least restrictive environment. 

We are fortunate to have a highly qualifies staff and a very active PTA who both work exceptionally well together for the success of our students. PTA members have a vital role as voluntary library assistants, fundraisers (carnivals, Scholastic book fairs, candy sales, gift sales), and providers of health (hearing and vision) screening services.  Parent meetings, teacher/parent workshops, orientation meetings, and parent newsletters help parents receive ongoing information. Staff members attend and volunteer at all PTA fundraising activities.

Our Parent Coordinator provides information about activities, and plans workshops throughout the year with particular emphasis on outreach to parents to engage them in their children’s education.  She creates a welcoming environment for parents, strengthens parent involvement, identifies parent and related school and community issues and works with the Principal to see that they are addressed in a timely manner.

 PS/IS 266’s instructional programs are multifaceted and based on the requirements of NYC and NYS Standards. Across content areas and grade levels, students are actively involved, through the use of manipulatives, in building models, seeing relationships, and analyzing them.  They have opportunities to read, write, and discuss ideas in order for the language of mathematics to become natural.  Students explore, learn and practice concepts in whole class, small groups, partners and individual settings. They learn to work cooperatively and independently as they solve problems based on real-life situations.

 Special programs include our Real Heroes character education curriculum, peer mediation, a TAG after-school spring program, Saturday Success Academy, sports team and even our very on cheerleading squad. It is our belief that meeting the needs of the entire child (social, emotional and academic) will ensure our students will be on the “road to success”!

Our Mission

 At our school, all students will be given the opportunity and guidance to achieve their maximum potential.  Working collaboratively, teachers, parents, administrators and staff members will provide a safe environment and quality education for all our students.  Academic excellence and high standards are the goals for every student.

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