School Rules

Martin Van Buren High School
230-17 Hillside Avenue   
· Queens Village,  New York 11427 ·

Gus C.  Smaragdas,   Asst. Principal Administration 

SCHOOL RULES                          

  1. Fighting is not tolerated.  Students who engage in a fight will be suspended and subject to arrest.
  2. No head coverings are to be worn in school.  This includes:  do-rags, bandanas, sweatbands and hats.  All school staff will strictly enforce this policy.
  3. All students must carry their photo identification card and program card at all times while on school property.
  4. Any student on suspension will not be allowed to attend any of the MVB after school activities.
  5. No student will be admitted to the cafeteria without a photo I.D. card.  Replacement I.D. cards may be obtained in the cafeteria.
  6. All students must exit the building through the main lobby only.  A student may never open side doors.
  7. All students must arrive to class on time.  Students who are late more than three times will be issued a suspension.
  8. Students who arrive late to school must pick up a late pass (available in the cafeteria), which must be presented to your teacher.
  9. Lockers are school property and are NOT to be used at any time.
  10. Do not bring valuable jewelry, large amounts of cash or expensive clothing to school.
  11. No food or drink is to be brought into any classroom.  Students are not to be sent to the cafeteria for food or drink during classes.
  12. The following items are NOT permitted in this school:

Cellular telephones, tape recorders, pagers, 2-way radios, walkie-talkies,

radios, walkmen, CD players, and laser pointers.

  1. Students found in the cafeteria during an unauthorized period will be suspended.  Students may only enter during their assigned lunch period.
  2. Do not congregate around the school or trespass on the private property of our neighbors.  The police will enforce loitering laws and quality of life issues.
  3. All visitors must sign in at the main desk.
  4. No visitors under 18 years of age will be permitted into the building without parental supervision.


We are a Learning Community.  Our respect for each other and for our rules helps us to work together to achieve our goals of obtaining a diploma.

 Selected as a school of excellence by the New York state education department


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