Parents' Guide to Regents Preparation



1. Set aside “Global or U.S. History Regents Home Study Time” for your child several nights each week until the day of the exam. During this time, your child can:

review his/her notes from prior or current Global/U.S. History classes.

study important Global/U.S. History topics and themes that have historically appeared on this exam using the Internet, encyclopedia, school textbook . Click here for topics and themes.

study from a Global History and Geography or U.S History Regents Review book (which can be purchased from your local bookstore).

visit several websites on the Internet that offer practice Global/U.S. History Regents tests and study material. One recommended website is

2. Make sure your child is attending history class everyday, is punctual to class, and becomes more diligent with his/her school work.

A quick tip to make sure your child is attending class each day and actively participating would be for you to:

ask your child each day to explain what he/she learned in Global History class.

check your child’s Global/U.S. History notebook each day for class work and homework.

If your child cannot explain what was taught in class, i.e. “We learned nothing,” or does not have any notes in his/her notebook, i.e. “The teacher didn’t give any notes,” you should become very concerned. Please speak with me ASAP to clear up any possible discrepancies.

3. Make periodic appointments (by phone or in person) with your child’s Global/U.S. History teacher to discuss your child’s progress in class and the upcoming Regents examination.

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