How To Make An Appointment With Your Guidance Counselor

Students see their counselors by making an appointment in with their counselor during lunch hours, before their classes begin or after their school day ends.Students may also be referred to their counselor through initiation by their teachers and/or deans. Career exploration and college counseling are available to you on an on-going basis throughout your high school experience. The college office will provide you with information that will assist you in planning for your future either in the college selection and admission process, or in entering the work force after high school. When you make an appointment with your counselor, you are given an appointment slip which will indicate the date and time of your appointment. After your appointment, your counselor will countersign your pass as proof you were with him/her. When you return to class, present the pass to your teacher so you are not marked cutting for that period. If you have an emergency, an appointment isn’t required. Go immediately to your counselor. Parents /Guardians who wish to see their child’s counselor are to call their child’s counselor directly. To ensure that a counselor is available to meet with a parent, it is best to make an appointment, and arrive at the scheduled time.

It is very important for students and parents to keep their own cumulative file of important educational documents, in a safe place at home. Such documents are:

        • Report cards
        • Transcripts
        • Schedules
        • Diploma Worksheets
        • Summer School and Evening School courses taken and grades received                            
        • Community service documentation
        • Letters of recommendation
        • Documentation of any after school hours and/or weekend courses taken

STUDENTS must be very aware of their educational plan....they should be familiar with promotional and graduation requirements and be able to plan along with their counselor in formulating the path they will take in fulfilling these requirements as they move towards graduation




You should visit a counselor if:

·         you are unsure of your schedule

·         you are having a school, home, or personal problem

·         you are interested in a special program

·         you need academic help/support

·         you need college preparation help/support

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