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Employment Certification

(Working Papers)

All minors, individuals under 18 years of age, including college students, high school graduates, married students, and volunteer workers, must obtain an employment certificate if they intend to work.  

Students must fill out an application (see below) and submit the application to the designated person in high school or middle school that they attend. The school will then issue an employment certificate to the student.

Integrated Service Centers can also provide information pertaining to employment certification and will provide working papers in instances where a school does not, e.g., child model permits, out-of-state students. 

Minors who are 14 years of age or over are not required to have employment certificates to work as caddies, babysitters or to engage in casual employment such as yard work and household chores in and about a residence or on the premises of a non-profit, non-commercial organization, not involving the use of power driven machinery. 

Please view links below regarding the NYC Department of Education working papers

Application for Employment



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