P993Q ELA - ESLB and Jamestown Reader

Early Literacy Skills Builder (ELSB)

P993Q has expanded the ELSB program to 9 classes at our P41, P130, P191, P208, & P499 sites this year.  ELSB is a research-based and language-rich literacy curriculum for children ages 5 to 10 with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. It incorporates systematic instruction to teach both print and phonemic awareness. ELSB is a multi-sited program, for children ages 5 - 10, with seven distinct levels and ongoing assessments so students progress at their own pace.  “Moe the Frog” puppet and his corresponding stories make ELSB student friendly.  The goal of ELSB is to develop the skills and behaviors that children need to succeed in a standard based reading program.  

    Jamestown Reader

    P993Q has continued our subscription to the Jamestown Reader program, which was piloted last year, at our P208 site. This program increases reading fluency through the use of paired oral reading.  Students learn to read smoothly, accurately and expressively through the use of Jamestown Reader.  The repeated readings improve student vocabulary and comprehension.  Immediate feedback and self-assessment improves oral reading skills

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