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P.S. 62 Technology Update:

Tech Vision Statement:  At PS 62, we believe that meaningful integration of technology will enable our teachers and students to be prepared for full participation in today's society.  Technology has the power to ignite, accelerate and extend learning- enabling us to challenge every child.  The engagement and relevance of technology in students' lives make it necessary for us to embrace this new mode of learning.  By "getting connected", we can create a cohesive and informed school community that will grow together.

To address this vision statement we have ensured that we have provided the following:
  • support personnel
  • interactive hardware
  • professional development for the use of Google Apps
  • technology-integration curriculum goals
  • web-based subscription programs, and external partners
  • a revamped library media center  

Support Personnel
Our school Tech Integration Team (Pat Wagner, Joyce Holahan & Rebecca Frizzel) has developed a technology curriculum including goals and projects for each grade based upon the literacy curriculum. Along with the tech curriculum, the Tech Integration Team pushes into classrooms to model good practices for integrating technology.

Interactive Hardware
Classes have access to data projectors, SMARTboards, Senteos, Airliners, ipods, digital cameras and FLIP cameras.  

Professional Development for Google Apps
PS 62 is proud to announce that we have integrated Google applications for administrative communication and collaboration. We also utilize Google Apps for data collection and analysis, making it easier for teachers to track student progress and meet individual needs.

Technology-integration Curriculum Goals
One of our school wide goals is that every class will complete a tech-integrated project by the end of the year. The technology goals align closely with the Literacy Curriculum for each grade. 

Web-based Subscription Programs, and External Partners
Students have access to web-based educational programs such as Study Island, Nettrekker, Brainpop, and One More Story. These programs help support students at home as well as help teachers differentiate in the classroom. 4th graders are creating animated projects on the computers based on their units of study. Using SAM animation software, students are bringing their drawings, puppets and claymation to life. Fourth graders are creating tall tale movies and Native American stories.

Upgraded Library Media Center:
In September 2009 we were excited to introduce a new media center in our school library. The goal of the new library is to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access to books and information technology.  Classes can now use all types of media such as new 24" imac computers, mini Dell laptops, a SMART table, ipods, FLIP cameras and an automated book system.  Our hope is to support, extend, and individualize student's learning based on the school's curriculum. Our school library serves as the center for project based learning.

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