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                                             JUNE 2016


K&1 Owl Assembly      Young People Chorus Concert

9;30 a.m                         92nd St. at Y Kaufman Concert Hall

June 2

Young People Chorus Concert 9:30 a.m.

June 3

4&5 Owl Assembly 9:30 a.m.       Emoji Day

June 6

All 3rd Gr. Class Trip to Jib Lanes       NYS Science Written Test 

June 7

All 4th Gr. Class Trip to Jib Lanes Bowling

June 8-9

School Closed

Staff Professional Development Day & Chancellor's Conference Day

June 10

Dress Up Day         Disney Kids Cast & Crew to New Amsterdam Theater

June 13   

P.A. Meeting (Election ) 8:30 a.m.         3rd Gr. Awards Assembly 9:30 a.m

June 14 

School Closed ( Clerical Day)

June 15 

5th Gr. Senior Trip to Dave and Buster's  9:30 a.m.

4th Gr.Field Day                                    2nd Gr. Awards Assembly 9;30 a.m

June 16     

5th Gr. Honors Roll Assembly 9:00 a.m       Kgn Field Day

June 17

5th Grade Dance 12:45-2:20 p.m.    4th Gr. Awards Assembly 9:30 a.m

Jungle Day

June 20

1st Gr. Field Day

June 21

Summer Safety Parent Workshop 8;30 a.m   Kgn Enrichment Club Showcase 8:45

June 22

2nd Gr. Field Day                         4th Gr. Immigration Celebration

June 23

   Kgn Stepping Up Ceremony 9:00 a.m

June 24

5th Gr. Stepping Up Ceremony 9:00 am.

Luau Day

June 27

5th Gr. Yearbook signing

3rd Gr. Field Day

June 28

Last day of school dismissal at 11:15 a.m.

Students return to School on September 8, 2016

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