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P.S. 66 is a small neighborhood Title I school in a diverse socio-economic area dedicated to achieving high standards of academic excellence in all subject areas for all of our students. Our school has three heterogeneously grouped classes per grade K-5 except for Pre-K where we have two. Our mission is “to be a school where all children work hard, make friends with one another, and develop responsibility, truthfulness and respect within a safe learning environment.”

P.S. 66 opened its doors 115 years ago and has been a hallmark of the Richmond Hill community in Queens, New York. Over the years, our reputation for excellence has thrived and flourished. Our goal is to educate and support students toward realizing their full potential as productive members of society. Through high quality, standards-driven instruction, a nurturing environment, and the development of civic, social, and technological skills, we create a community of productive life-long learners. 

Our greatest strength lies in our hard working and dedicated staff. One hundred percent of our teachers are state certified and licensed. Our administration is knowledgeable, articulate, collegial, and commanding of respect. Teachers are encouraged to attend a wide array of professional conferences to stay on the cutting edge of education. At P.S. 66, discussions are fostered and opinions and best practices are shared and valued. Decisions are made for the benefit of all our children. Teachers are devoted, caring and patient with our students. They bring out the best in their students, igniting imagination, encouraging talents, and sparking curiosity within a positive risk-taking atmosphere. The culture of our building is one of mutual respect, sincerity, a strong sense of professional pride, collaboration, and, above all, a belief that all children can learn.

Our students encompass a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds resulting in a sense of tolerance and respect that resonates throughout the building. We continue to welcome a large number of children who are English Language Learners (ELL). We are confident that although our children are educated in a 19th Century building, they are prepared to succeed in a 21st Century world. We try to educate, nurture, and inspire our students to look to the future with optimism and a desire to achieve.

We are an incredible school where a spirit of “family” exists. We envision our school as a community of learners where all members—students, staff and parents,—are actively engaged in the educational process. Staff and parents, as equal partners, are focused on empowering all students with the academic skills and rich civic and social experiences that will enable them to further their educational goals and become active, responsible, and positive members of society. All standards are intended to bring students to high levels of performance to meet the rigors and demands of life. Ongoing dialogue between staff and parents is accomplished through the PTA, the Parent Coordinator and a cohesive School Leadership Team.

P.S. 66 is a place where children want to be and our high attendance percentage is a testament to that. The entire staff is concerned with the welfare of our students. Our children are comfortable and confident in seeking the assistance of any adult in the building in all areas of their academic, social, and emotional growth. We emphasize values such as tolerance, respect, brotherhood, honesty, and truthfulness. We foster the work ethic and encourage, support, and celebrate individuality. Our children are instilled with a sense of spirit and a confidence that says, “Yes, I can excel!”

Over the past few years, we have achieved many significant accomplishments.

  • We received an “A” grade in NYC’s annual school progress reports for the past five years, 2008-2012.
  • We were named as one of the ten best NYC schools for earning highest marks on the city’s annual school progress reports for 2012.
  • The school has made 100% literacy our beacon. With that as our goal, in 2003 we renamed our school after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Her lifetime passion for literacy; her love of good books and a discerning taste for good literature has set the standard to which our students aspire. Our goals emulate Onassis’s own words:

“Read for escape, read for adventure…..When your imagination is stirred, it can lead you down paths you never dreamed you would travel.”

  • The New York State Business Council has recognized our reading improvement with the esteemed Pathfinder Award of 2002.
  • We received the High Performance Gap Closing School Award for school year 2004-2005.
  • In 2009, we received the NYS National Title I Distinguished School Award, Category 1 for exceptional student performance for two or more consecutive years.
  • Our standardized test scores have demonstrated consistent growth and progress in reading and mathematics. PS 66’s performance trends have been steadily increasing over the years with a total of 84.55% of our students in 2012 scoring at or above grade level in Reading, and 88.8% at or above grade level in Math. Our emphasis is on closing the learning gap.
  • A Balanced Literacy Model is utilized in which students are required to take an active role in the lessons.
  • Historic Restoration of our building began in 2001 and was completed in 2003.  Our building was recognized on the National Registry of Historic Places in 2003.  It is also a New York State Historic Site, and the Borough of Queens deemed it a Landmark in 2004.  In 2010, we were officially declared a NYC landmark.
Property of P.S. 066 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
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